FileCloud360 is the solution for managing, editing, storing and sharing your files in the cloud.

FileCloud360 is a modular platform. You can choose to either use the file sharing area, the file-editing area, the file-storage area, the image management area, the area for the integration of emails. Starting from a free profile you will be able to independently select, at a time of your choice, which area you are interested in using.

The FileCloud360 Agent allows you to always keep your files in the cloud synchronized with the files on your PC. It furthermore allows you to scan your documents and save them directly in the cloud. Lastly it will allow you to schedule the backup of your computer directly inside a secure protected area in the cloud.

FileCloud360 is a multi-user system usable both by companies and private individuals. Keeping your files in the cloud allows for quick sharing between colleagues and friends.

FileCloud360 is security.All data is protected by a 2048 bit encryption algorithm - the absolutely best on the market today.

FileCloud360 is multi-platform. It can be used from anywhere on whichever device, may it be a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

FileCloud360 is controlled accessibility. Each user will be able to define rules regarding each file, granting other users the permission to only access or also modify his files.

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